A bit about our company

Natterly is developed by aTech Media, a UK-based software development company.

aTech Media is a software development company that specialises in creating web applications & services with a close focus on usability, style & speed. Established in 2004, aTech Media has grown a reputation for creating applications that are top of their game - Natterly is no exception.

With a small team based in Dorset, United Kingdom, we focus on the small details to bring you software that truely excels at its purpose. Not only do we handle all our own software development in-house, we also run our own network & infrastructure to ensure that everything is ready and waiting whenever you need it.

With a dedication to providing the best in customer support, we strive to make sure that our customers are some of the best looked after in the world. We hope that you'll join them and come to see that these aren't just meaningless words written on our website but an accurate reflection on the service we provide.

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