Receiving WebHooks

Natterly webhooks sent a POST request containing data related to certain events, to the URL you specify.


Start by adding the URL at the top, then select any events you want to notify the webhook for. All requests will be sent in JSON format.

Supported Events

  • ChatCompleted - A chat has completed (after acceptance and messages have occurred).
  • ChatInitiated - A new chat has been started.
  • ChatAccepted - A chat has been accepted by an agent.
  • ChatAssigned - A chat has been assigned to a user, or unassigned.
  • ChatClosed - A chat has been closed.
  • ChatIgnored - A new chat has not been accepted because nobody has replied to it within the specified timeout period for the site.
  • ChatIdle - An accepted chat has become idle because no staff have replied within the specified timeout period for the site.
  • ChatTranscriptSent - A transcript has been sent for a chat.
  • ChatRated - A rating has been provided for a chat.
  • VisitorCreated - A new visitor's details have been stored.
  • SessionRegistration - A visitor has viewed a page that includes the ChatBox.
  • UserStatusChanged - An agent's status has changed to a new value (Online, Offline, or invisible).

Example Payload - ChatInitiated

    "event": "ChatInitiated",
    "timestamp": 1517228896,
    "payload": {
        "chat": {
            "uuid": "287146e8-68fd-43c5-b79a-911058bc1c9c",
            "status": "Initiated",
            "subject": "test",
            "initiated_at": 1517228896,
            "last_message_at": 1517228896,
            "prompt_for_transcript": true,
            "prompt_for_rating": true,
            "closed_at": 0,
            "verified": false,
            "trusted": false,
            "pending_message": null,
            "pending_message_set_at": 0,
            "ip_address": "2a02:8010:6006:0:9854:480a:c38d:dcd8",
            "city": null,
            "country": "United Kingdom",
            "country_code": "GB",
            "browser": "Chrome",
            "platform": "Macintosh",
            "stale": false,
            "time_zone": "Europe/London",
            "rating": null,
            "department": {
                "uuid": "3adf89d1-2c22-4c4d-b72f-c274a08ba3cf",
                "name": "Sales"
            "user": null,
            "visitor": {
                "name": "Anonymous Chicken",
                "avatar_url": "",
                "anonymous": true
            "visitor_custom_data": {},
            "site": {
                "uuid": "91d068f1-7452-4391-9e06-32e151f76f4f",
                "name": "My Site",
                "color": "2ecc71",
                "initials": "MS"
        "messages": [
                "uuid": "26d070d6-97e6-4c2c-afea-e44092bf9dbf",
                "chat": "287146e8-68fd-43c5-b79a-911058bc1c9c",
                "text": "test",
                "event": false,
                "author": {
                    "type": "AnonymousAnimal",
                    "name": "Anonymous Chicken",
                    "avatar_url": "",
                    "details": {
                        "name": "Anonymous Chicken",
                        "avatar_url": "",
                        "anonymous": true
                "posted_by_visitor": true,
                "created_at": 1517228896,
                "updated_at": 1517228896,
                "file": null,
                "formatting": null,
                "whisper": false
    "auth_token": "DZBHWMV3TJXQZeCZb8HdAqWNP90Kp4"