The ultimate chat platform for your website.

Natterly has all the features and tools that you could wish for.

Chat with customers on your computer or on your mobile.

  • Desktop Apps

    Our desktop apps are quick & easy to install and provide the quickest way to keep on top of your chats. Available for Mac, Windows & Linux.

  • Mobile Apps

    If you're on the move and a customer has a question, you can reply straight from either your iPhone or Android phone using our apps.

The agent console provides you with quick access to everything you need to know to look like a genius.

an outline of the natterly agent interface
an outline of the natterly agent interface
a screenshot showing the chatlist interface

Help your customers quickly and effectively using our intuitive chat UI.

Get information about your visitors location & environment right in the interface.

Easily manage multiple chats and get notifications when your customer responds.

Access your user's name, account number, or anything else. Without even asking.

Provide the best possible support by tracking your visitor's progress through your site.

Mouse over any circle for more information

Fully customise your ChatBox so it feels at home on your site.

To be anonymous or not to be anonymous...

Another option you can configure is whether or not your visitors need to provide their details before they can chat. If you choose to allow anonymous chats, visitors can be assigned a random animal to both help with identification and provide a nice little talking point to begin your conversations with new leads.

Check out the animals on the right, these are just some of the fun personalities your anonymous visitors might adopt.

const developerFriendly = true;

If you're a developer or want to do some deep integration with Natterly, you're going to love the tools we have available for our developer friends.

  • Access all your chat data using your JSON HTTP API
  • Receive notifications when events happen using webhook
  • Write your own slash commands
  • Easily & securely share visitor data from your website

Full access to unlimited historical chat transcripts.

Your chat with the Anonymous Fox

  • Good afternoon, welcome to our website, how can I help?

  • Could you please tell me more about your live chat platform?

  • Of course I can! Natterly is a complete platform that you can use to chat with visitors on your website using your Mac, PC and even on your iPhone or Android phone.

  • Sounds really useful for my business. We'd find it really useful if we could answer any questions like that! How can I get started?

Keep track of everyone browsing your website even if you don't chat.

  • Number of chats initiated per day
  • Number of minutes customer has to wait to chat

Statistics & analytics to help make decisions and optimise your growth.

Average response time
Average chat time

Aim high with built-in chat ratings.

Average chat rating

Anonymous Duck is typing...

Do you have any pricing de...

Appear psychic and see the future.

Pssssst... you can whisper between team members.

Multiple sites & departments

Natterly can be configured to work across multiple sites & departments from a single account. Your team can chat with visitors from anywhere from a single app.

Block chats when needed

You can configure Natterly to allow chats from certain countries and you can even block individual IP addresses from starting new chats with you if needed.

UK-based friendly support

If you have any questions whatsoever we're here ready to answer them. You can jump on a live chat or drop us an e-mail. Just hit the contact us link up top.

These are just the main features of Natterly. Sign up for a free 2 week trial to play with them for yourself and discover everything else we have to offer.

  • 2 week free trial.
  • Cancel any time.
  • No credit card needed.