Clicking the Appearance tab within your site settings will allow you to configure a number of options relating to the appearance of your ChatBox.

Initially, you'll find some general style options:


  • Position - This will allow you to position the chatbox to the bottom left or right of the page (default is bottom right).
  • Tray style - You can choose to display a badge, or banner when the chatbox is minimised.
  • Show agent avatars on welcome? - You can choose to display the avatars of 3 random agents when the chatbox is initially opened.
  • Display the background pattern? - This will display a background pattern to the user when they're initially entering their details, before starting a chat.

Followed by some Colour Scheme options:

Colour scheme

  • Primary - This colour is used for the header, buttons, labels and agent messages.
  • Primary contrast - This is used for any items placed on top of a background that uses the primary colour, such as header text, button spinners and message text.
  • Tray - This is the background colour for the tray that displays at the bottom of your site which users click on to start a chat.
  • Tray contrast - This is the text colour for the tray that users click on to start a chat.