Site and Behaviour Settings

To start customising your site, you'll need to head to Natterly Admin Console, then to your Sites list via the link on the left hand side of the page.

Sites list

Clicking the Customise button next to any site in your list will then allow you to edit its settings.

Site settings

Firstly, you can customise your Site name, and assign any departments that you wish to accept chats for. The visitor will be prompted to choose from one of these departments when starting a new chat, if more than one is selected.

Next, you'll find a number of behaviour settings that can be customised:

  • Require visitor to provide details?- You can choose whether or not you wish your visitors to provide their name & e-mail address before they can initiate a chat with you.
  • Open ChatBox when page is loaded?- If enabled, the ChatBox will automatically be opened whenever a page is opened.
  • Allow offline chats?- This will let your visitors start chats with your team when all your agents are offline.
  • Prompt for transcripts?- If enabled, the ChatBox will ask the user if they wish to receive a transcript of the chat once it has been closed.
  • Chat idle time (in seconds)- This is the number of seconds after which an accepted chat will be marked as idle if there have been no updates to a chat by an agent. Leave blank for no idle checking.
  • Chat ignore time (in seconds)- This is the number of seconds after which a new chat will be marked as idle if it hasn't been accepted by a user (i.e. nobody has replied to it). Leave blank for no ignore checking.

Next, you can configure a number of transcript and security options for your site:

Transcript and security options


  • From Name - This is the name that will appear on emails containing transcripts
  • From Address - This is the email address that will send transcripts for this site


  • Domains - You can provide a list of allowed domains that your chatbox can be embedded into. Each domain must be added to a separate line, and you can use wildcards, such as *.domain.tld if you wish.
  • Allow chats from certain countries - You can enter a comma seperated list of ISO 3166 country codes that you wish to allow chats from here, for example GBR for the UK. If you don't enter any values, chats from all countries will be allowed.
  • ChatBox data signing key - This is the private key that you can use to sign visitor details and custom data for your Chatbox.


Departments allow you to categorize chats and control which chats each of your agents is able to accept. You can add multiple departments to a single site and assign your agents to work within a set of departments.

Heading to the Departments page via the link on the left hand side will load a list of existing departments, as well as allowing you add more to your account.

Departments list

Clicking the name of an existing department, or adding a new one will load a configuration page:

Configuring departments

You can enter a name for your department, and assign any agents with 3 types of access to it:

  • No Access - This will not allow any access to chats within that department to the agent.
  • Observe only - Agents that only have observe access will not influence the visibility of a chatbox, even if they're set to online. Oberservers can respond to chats, but will not be alerted if a new chat is started.
  • Full access - Agents with full access will ensure chatboxes are visible when they're online, and will be alerted to new chats being started by visitors.