Step 1

Log in to your Shopify account, then select Online Store from the sidebar on the left hand side.

A screenshot of the Shopify admin dashboard with Online Store visible in the left hand menu

Step 2

From the Themes page, click on the Customize theme button for your selected theme.

A screenshot of the Shopify Themes page with the Customize theme button visible

Step 3

At the top left hand side of the page, click the More actions dropdown, and select Edit code.

A screenshot of the Shopify theme customisation page with the More actions dropdown open

Step 4

In the layout folder you should see a theme.liquid file. Select it, then scroll down until you find the </body> tag. Paste your embed code just before it, as seen in the screenshot below.

A screenshot of the Shopify theme code editing interface with theme.liquid selected and the embed code inserted

You can find your embed code by logging into your Natterly account, and creating a new site.

Step 5

Verify everything has been set up correctly. In order for the chat box to appear, you need to have at least one user Online, and in a department associated with the site.