Weebly makes creating a website quick and easy, and fortunately setting up Natterly on your Weebly powered website is quick and easy too.

Step 1

Open the site you want to add Natterly to in the Weebly editor and click on settings.

navigate to settings

Step 2

Click on SEO.

navigate to seo

Step 3

Copy your Natterly embed code from the Natterly admin area, it will look something like this:

<script src=\"https://cdn.natterly.com/chatbox.js\"></script>
  var chatbox = new NatterlyChatbox('<YOUR SITE TOKEN>');

Paste your code where it says Footer Code on the Weebly SEO page. If there is already code here, then add it after.

add code to footer

Step 4

Click save and then publish your site. You're done! You should now have Natterly running on your site.