E-mail Integration

You can set up custom e-mails to be sent to different recipients when various events occur during the chat lifecycle. When adding a new email, you'll need to firstly configure the From Name, From Address, Subject and Message Content for it:

Email configuration

The message content in particular can be configured with a large number of variables that can insert data automatically from the current chat.

Recipients and Events

Next you can choose to send the email to a combination of the chat user, chat visitor, or even a fixed list of additional (comma separated) addresses.

After that, you can choose a number of events to send the emails for.

Supported Events

  • ChatCompleted - A chat has completed (after acceptance and messages have occurred).
  • ChatInitiated - A new chat has been started.
  • ChatAccepted - A chat has been accepted by an agent.
  • ChatAssigned - A chat has been assigned to a user, or unassigned.
  • ChatClosed - A chat has been closed.
  • ChatIgnored - A new chat has not been accepted because nobody has replied to it within the specified timeout period for the site.
  • ChatIdle - An accepted chat has become idle because no staff have replied within the specified timeout period for the site.
  • ChatTranscriptSent - A transcript has been sent for a chat.
  • ChatRated - A rating has been provided for a chat.