Once you've added the chatbox to your site, you'll be able to login to the Agent Console and start responding to customer chats. Head to your Natterly domain, then use one of the links to download Natterly Agent for Windows or macOS.

Alternatively, if you want to use the in-browser Agent, you can navigate to https://your-domain.natterly.com/agent, or you can download mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Connecting to your account

Once you've download the app or connected to the web-based Agent Console, you can login using your Natterly domain, then username and password.


Once you're connected, you'll be presented with a Dashboard showing a list of your sites and configured agents, with active chats on the left hand side.


Each site will display a status in red or green depending on whether any assigned agents are available, and each agent in your list will show a status of Online, Offline or Invisible.